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6 Weighty Reasons You Should Urgently Shift to Biodegradable Popcorn Boxes

As with every product, customers wish for biodegradable popcorn boxes. Research has shown they are likely to pay extra for green products. Also, most of them are choosing brands that have a clear stand on environmental and social issues. 66% of customers in one study say they want to buy from brands that mirror their values. 


Even so, a high preference for sustainable products isn’t the only reason to adopt biodegradable popcorn boxes. While you want to impress your customers, it would be best to note other critical reasons for going green. By choosing biodegradable popcorn boxes, you can boost your business in multitudinous ways. 


In this article, we will look into the seven most important reasons to go for biodegradable popcorn boxes. In the end, you’ll have a clear picture of the benefits of biodegradable popcorn boxes. And why they are more than a tool to package popcorn and attract customers. 





Biodegradable popcorn boxes have the potential to save water, energy, and electricity. Processing paper is more resource-efficient than plastics. Apart from protecting resources, you may not pay for cleaning or storage costs. Their lightness makes it possible to flatten them and stack them as you would a sheet of papers. Over time, the efficiency can boost your bottom line and make transiting worth it. 

Not to mention, biodegradable popcorn boxes comprise a film that derives from PLA. This material reduces problems such as disposal and usage risks. Hence, the time spent stressing on waste may shred, and you can serve customers without fear. 

A decision to drift to biodegradable popcorn boxes can put more time and money in your hands. Admittedly, this must be one of the top goals in any business.

Green Energy Green Resources - use Biodegradable Paper



Save Resources

As the global population swells, our scarce resources face heightened pressure. Studies show most key resources, which are water and oil, may not sustain the booming demand. Fossil fuels are nearing depletion and may not last the next 36.2 years. FAO predicts by 2025, 1.8 billion people may live in areas with total water scarcity.

That said, every business has to figure out all the means of going green. You can start with biodegradable popcorn boxes to save fossil fuels and water points.

Are you wondering how using a popcorn box can help save resources? Well, every biodegradable paper popcorn box encourages the usage of paper and PLA. This helps to avoid reliance on petroleum plastics. Besides, as recyclable materials, the boxes reduce the extraction of virgin woodlands. They also encourage the economical use of resources.



Save Costs

Cash flow is the fuel that keeps your business running. Your business must bring in money from sales and also spend to continue operations.

Yet the rule of thumb in running companies is to keep the inflowing cash higher than the outflowing money. This means you must install effective procedures to increase income and reduce expenses.

And when it comes to cutting expenses, it’s always advisable to keep off the marketing budget, even in lean times. Yet, if you invest in biodegradable popcorn boxes, you can still do away with some marketing costs.

In the long haul, these boxes can turn into useful and affordable marketing tools. You can take your brand to many places, including on the internet, without spending a dime.

Branded biodegradable popcorn boxes can replace old school strategies such as billboards. Or print ads. Again, they can complement modern tactics such as social media to boost your brand. For example, an influencer can post their photo priding about the greenness of your branded popcorn boxes.


Reduce your carbon footprint

Biodegradable paper composts fast and leaves no plastic residue.

Lessened Carbon Emissions

Using biodegradable popcorn boxes is a simple way to reduce your carbon imprint. As mentioned earlier, processing paper can consume less energy and produce fewer emissions.

But for the best environmental results, caution is necessary. You must buy the popcorn boxes from a trusted vendor. That way, you can be sure of sources of materials and whether your seller is eco-conscious.

In that respect, a domestic biodegradable popcorn boxes’ merchant is more suitable. You can have the freedom to confirm their compliance with environmental regulations. Plus, you will shorten the shipping distance, helping reduce emissions and turnaround times.

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Comfortable Disposal

It’s every business owner’s dream to improve efficiency. But, packaging waste can be an irritant, especially in disposal costs and lost time. Yet, biodegradable popcorn boxes can simplify waste management and save some disposal costs.

You can compost, recycle, or reuse the boxes. This furnishes you with convenient and flexible options to manage waste. You can choose the most accessible way or the cost friendliest one.

Your customers can also repurpose their box into toys or gift wraps and save you a lot of trouble. This has become a trend with most people looking for ways to repurpose. Social media is awash with ideas to repurpose product boxes.


Protect Future Generations

See, the quality of life for future generations depends on your current actions. From homes to businesses, every minor act can affect the planet. Thus, there’s an urgent need to change if your kids and grandkids will stay in a clean, safe, and serene world. And believe it or not, biodegradable popcorn boxes are one way to secure the future.

Biodegradable popcorn boxes can provide an alternative to plastics. As a recyclable option, they can ensure manufacturers harvest fewer trees from forests. In turn, this helps to protect water bodies.

Besides, continual usage of alternatives to plastic reduces petroleum exploration and fossil emissions. In the long haul, air pollution and global warming can decline.

Think about this! On a global scale, carbon dioxide emissions amount to 36 billion tonnes per year. And the top culprits of the emissions are burning fossil fuels and deforestation. Decomposition is also another significant CO2 emitter. Worryingly, as the emissions persist, respiratory diseases increase. Meanwhile, the air floods with carcinogens and toxic chemicals.


Biodegradable Popcorn Boxes for Healthy Businesses and a Cleaner Planet

As seen the reasons for using biodegradable popcorn boxes are for your business’ good. There’s no doubt you would die for efficiency, few costs and a positive image. Besides, you somewhat care for future generations and desire to play a role in securing the planet. Sure, you can walk the talk by using biodegradable items. Start with these 100% recyclable and compostable popcorn boxes.


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