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How Putting Your Logo on Popcorn Boxes Can Help Your Business

Today, branded popcorn boxes dominate the popcorn industry. You'll find them in offices, conferences, colleges, churches and even non-profitable organisations. For proof of their enormous ubiquity, make a point of ordering some popcorn. You're likely to come across promotional messages or logos etched on most popcorn boxes.
Majorly, product boxes are gaining popularity because of their high visibility. Every brand wants to expand its market space. And for sure, the best way to achieve this goal is to use mobile promotional products.
Besides, most brands have noted the power of advertising on items that are dearest to people. No wonder we have branded paper cups for coffee enthusiasts. Every brand is adopting branded popcorn boxes for popcorn fanatics.
If you're looking for a branding tool, consider popcorn boxes. They are the most affordable and convenient branding technique in the market. Their portability eases carrying them around and helps to build your image.
Read on for more ways in which branded popcorn boxes can help your business.



Recognition in a Tough Market

With popcorns, it's difficult to distinguish yourself. Many people sell popcorns, which lack uniqueness. Besides, competition is tight. And creating a name for you as a top popcorn brand can be a mountainous task.
But it's possible to forge your brand and imprint your name on customers' minds. For instance, look at a brand like Propercorn, which has built a name for itself as an industry expert.
Popcorn boxes give you the ability to enhance brand recall and increase recognition. Imagine the impact you can gain every time customers use your branded popcorn boxes. Sure, the more customers interact with your branding, the better they can recall. Also, other people can see your branding icons, which helps for future recognition.



Cut Your Marketing Budget

Marketing can cost a lot. In the UK, you can part away with up to £5,000 per month to hire a credible marketing agency. Meanwhile, social media marketers can cost around £500 per month or contract. Thus, if you're cash-strapped, you may struggle to build your business.
Thankfully, you can set your brand apart using affordable or free branding tactics. Branded popcorn boxes will cost you a few pounds above your ordinary spend on the plain boxes. Unlike billboards, you won't pay for ad space. They are also more affordable than social media. This is because you don't have to spend hours posting or engaging followers.

Convert into a Green Business

Thinking of greening your business? It can be the best decision for your business! Green companies have the edge over their peers and are becoming easier to expand. Even research shows green industries grow faster than the general economy. Also, Unilever reports  50% annual growth of its green brands compared to its other businesses.
Paper popcorn boxes can enable you to serve your customers sustainably and promote your image as a responsible brand. They are paper made and comprise biodegradable films. This helps to lessen their waste output and reduce your reliance on plastics.
Besides, most customers don't want to use plastic items. According to a YouGov study, 46% of the UK customers get embarrassed using plastics. 80% want to end plastic use, while 50% of them will pay extra for sustainable alternatives.
As seen, you can miss out on a massive chance to expand by using plastics. The best way forward is to convert your brand into a green business. Start by using paper popcorn boxes.

Heat Resistant Popcorn Packs

Every popcorn fan will tell you they want a comfortable popcorn box. So, your popcorn boxes should be sturdy enough to carry popcorns effortlessly. Besides, it should provide adequate insulation against heat.
Sure, no one wants to struggle or burn their fingers when expecting to enjoy their snack. Thus, let your popcorn boxes take care of all users' needs. Remember, children as young as toddlers will use your boxes. Also, some people may want to reuse the boxes. Meanwhile, travellers or picnic lovers may prefer something resilient.
Durable and heat resistant popcorn boxes use quality 300 GSM boards which offer more strength. They also use a heat resistant film which keeps popcorns warm and protects fingers against the heat.
Quality popcorn boxes also help to protect your image. Customers are likely to trust your boxes and proclaim the experienced advantages. This can prove your appealing reputation to prospects and help to attract new customers.

Reach Diverse Audiences

The love for popcorns cuts across demographics. An entire family can share a pack while office conversations are more interesting when staff share some popcorn boxes. Meanwhile, kids' events can spark more fun when each kid takes part in popcorn snacking.
In short, when using branded popcorn boxes, you can target anyone. You can tailor popcorn boxes for family meetups to boost your brand in households. For the schools, funky branded popcorn boxes can enable you to connect with the youthful market.


Branding Ideas

think out of the box and outside the red striped box


Connect With Your Customers

Is there a better way to connect with customers than through food? Everyone won't mind having popcorns, especially with the health benefits on offer. And to imprint your logos on what people love is undeniably one of the best ways to grow your brand.
Take a moment to think about the potential of popcorn boxes in growing your brand. Besides their suitability for all audiences, they can take your brand anywhere. Most importantly, popcorn boxes encounter happy customers. Most people are steamed up when having popcorns, which spurs interaction with the popcorn boxes.


Build Branding Consistency

Brand consistency is everything. Whatever strategy you're using, you must be consistent to see positive results. You can liken it to watering a seedling where a well-watered one blooms faster. Also, research shows consistent brands have a 20% higher net worth.
The thing with popcorn boxes is that they can spice your strategies with consistency. By imprinting messages on your popcorn boxes, you can always gain visibility whenever people see the boxes. You only need to make your order, and the popcorn boxes can do the rest of the work for you.


Get Branded Popcorn Boxes for Your Business

In summary, branded popcorn boxes can boost your brand's recognition, help cut your marketing budget and aid your greening efforts. They can also enable you to satisfy your audience and achieve branding consistency. But, you can only access most of these benefits by getting your popcorn boxes from an experienced manufacturer or seller.


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